Friday, October 3, 2008

Pure Nonjudgmental Awareness

Guilt is bad mkay? There's never a proper time to use guilt to motivate behavior. I'm not even sure it's a good thing to use against myself!

Who cares why we do it. It doesn't work. It makes me feel shitty and unmotivated. It makes others feel uncomfortable sitting next to me. Should I hold my tongue then? Yes. By all means, go silent. Monks do it. But what if I have their best interests at heart? Then understand that guilt will not make them their best.

See the ignorance in my wrong perceptions and breathe in. Anything that causes anger is definitely a wrong perception. So how am I angry? I'm angry that people are pushing me around. Wrong. They aren't pushing you around. You're not allowing your values to be expressed. Your true values. Not your opinions and need to be right. Your values. The things you know are right. The thing that no one can attack because they know it's right too. Fuck the superficial stuff.
See them, breathe out smiling. I'm sorry buddy. Your story just isn't true. You really don't have to hold on to it any more. It's not gonna work for ya.

I want to do beautiful things for her. I want to take her to nice places and let her enjoy the splendor of living. I want to show her the wonders of the world. I want to give her hope that life has meaning. I want to dance with her to the music of life. I want to show her that she is beautiful inside out, no matter what she eats, no matter what she wears, no matter what she thinks even. Yes, even thoughts. Thoughts after all are not important. Let's drop the thoughts. Let's just be with her as a human being, not a thought partner. What is the deepest part of my being? It is love. It is pure nonjudgmental awareness.

It's so rare to see such a thing. A glimpse of the ultimate nature of reality is really just two steps away in an unfamiliar dimension, that of love. If I can just sidestep those two steps, I would be in the land of ultimate bliss already. Poof. I'm here.

Here, there is no judgment of any sort. No one judges me. No one judges her. No one judges any one. We are all expressing thoughts and fears. Every word is an expression, nothing more. There is no such thing as judgment. Whatever you see as judgment is a misuse of the imagination. Even if people think they are judging, they are only fooling themselves because what is there to weigh against when the universe is whole?

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