Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Changeless

How can there be something in this world without an opposite? What is this "changeless" thing that underlies temporal existence?

Let's say it was an observer, a witness. Can we say that the observer is creating with its focus? If so, wouldn't its vision provoke it? The perception of an object changes the subject. The changeless is not the perceiver.

The one thing without an opposite is the existential experience itself, the "I am". There cannot be an "I am not." That concept exists as an artifact of a mind that perceives through contrasting thought.

Why was the mind created when it is fraught? Let's try to live in a world of opposites. Let's see just how far out we get. Do you see its end? It ends in "I am not."

The real question is why do you maintain a fraught mind, why do you defend its way of thinking? Who cares about its beginning? Only the mind seeking to seal itself in a mythical prison.

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