Friday, January 25, 2008

Destiny Makes a Cameo Thrice

I ate at a restaurant supporting Master Ching Hai last week. I wanted to find out more about her, so I Googled, and avoided the Wikipedia article so I won't get a consensus bias. Found her news channel to be really touching, albeit something I would've described as corny in my teenage years. The site had many links about vegetarianism. Cruising around on iGoogle. Funny, the first story on the Digg list was 10 reasons to be a vegetarian. First story on the howtos section was pilates to strengthen your back. Great, just what I needed since my back is terribly sore. Just when I thought the synchronicities had ended for the night, I found a flyer for something like Buddhism near my dad's computer telling me a few timely quotes like,
  • Helping others is helping yourself. Harming others is harming yourself.
  • Offenses that fill up the skies are dissolved by a sincere thought of repentance.
  • Stop procrastinating. Life is exceedingly short. Don't squander your time.
  • Value, appreciate, and be content with what we have. Enough is enough!
  • The past is history. The future is a mystery.
  • Overcome and accept our problems and obstacles.
Ironic since my dad is a devout aspiritualist. Wonder where he got it.

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