Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting Easier

Things are getting easier. Every day that I continue to keep my promises makes keeping those promises even easier. I'm noticing the good things more because I write about them in my gratitude journal. (I'm using the app.)

I'm getting better at avoiding bad news. It's funny how addicted I was to bad news while I was pretending to be a positive person. On social media, I would spout inspiring quotes while I secretly swam in the sludge of controversy. Despite my restraint from explicitly responding, I fed the trolls with my eyes and mind. It's like I wanted to feel bad and blame the world for it. There's nothing cool about cynicism. The only beneficial use of irony is to reverse a debilitating perspective.

I question the use of writing this because when I was in the dumps, I would hate to read positive things. I would simply become envious or defensive. To my future self who doesn't understand this vibration, who is sickened by the sweetness, let this just be a reminder of what is possible, not an indictment of where you are. See this as a light at the end of a tunnel instead of a train running you over because you're not running fast enough. There is no winner or loser because there's just one of us here.

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